The Best…

It is all we know at The Butcher Shop.   U.S.D.A. Prime and Choice beef, organic farm fresh eggs, expertly butchered pork, specially prepared homemade foods without compare.  Combined with 50 years of staff experience and a dedicated team devoted to every customer being highly pleased, makes The Butcher Shop the one place you should come to when quality counts.

We smoke our own bacon, hams, turkeys, and chickens.  No added preservatives or unneeded chemicals.  In-House smoked cured sugar or pepper bacon that will make you love a BLT or bacon eggs in a whole new way.  Made every week, then thickly sliced (the way bacon should be sliced) and vacuum packed to keep that smoky flavor inside until you release that goodness in your frying pan.

Steaks that are sliced as thick or as thin as you want them.  Superior marbling perfectly balanced with right trimming.  Nothing wasted. Perfect cuts for pan frying, seared over a charcoal grill, slow cooked in a crock pot, or hanging in our own smoker.  No more unnaturally red meat sealed in carbon monoxide sitting on a shelf for days.  Custom cut steaks, freshly ground beef, seasoned kebobs, round roast for slow cooking, or a perfect petite filet for your steak au poivre are all here.  All the cuts that you want and most of the cuts you cannot get anywhere else.